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Discover the Stuff Fairy-Tales are Made of

When you study abroad in the 捷克共和国, you’ll get the chance to pick up some Czech language skills, further your education in one of Europe’s finest universities, and live in one of the loveliest European countries. Experience the devastatingly charming city of 布拉格, one of the most beautiful cities in central Europe. Walk across the historic 14th century Charles Bridge and pose for a photo with one of its many 巴洛克风格的雕塑. Check the sun and moon’s phases on 布拉格’s exquisite astronomical clock in the Old Town Square. Catch a show or just admire the architecture at the National Theater, 歌剧之乡, 戏剧, and 芭蕾舞 performances. Rent a pedal boat in the Vltava River and enjoy a day on the water. Spend a spring or summer afternoon strolling through the picturesque Vrtba Garden, where perfectly trimmed green hedges, 明亮的花朵, 巴洛克风格的雕塑, and panoramic views of the city create a hidden oasis. When you’re ready to venture out of the capital, pay a visit to Olomouc or Brno, where the 捷克共和国’s unique allure and culture come out in the architecture, 城堡, 公园, and familiar red roofs.     

城市 of 捷克共和国

城市 of 捷克共和国


With a growing economy, vibrant arts and music scenes and architectural styles ranging from Gothic to Baroque to Art Nouveau, 布拉格 is an ideal setting in which to explore Czech culture.
65°F (18°C)
30°F (-1.3°C)
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Tap into the national enthusiasm for hockey at a live game. Spend a relaxing day at the hot spring spas in Karlovy Vary. Hike to the serene Resov Waterfalls in the Nízký Jeseník Mountains or through ecologically diverse Krkonoše National Park. Take a tour of the Konopištĕ Castle in Benešov to see the chambers of the ill-fated Archduke Franz Fredinand and stroll through the lovely grounds featuring a rose garden and resident peacocks. Experience Czech cinema at the country’s international 电影 festival or rock out at the Rock for People music festival, if you’re in the country over the summer. While Czech food may be different from what you’re used to, don’t hesitate to try it out! You can’t go wrong with a hot bowl of Czech goulash or a plate of potato pancakes. If you’re more adventurous, try the classic Czech dish svíčková, featuring beef in a vegetable cream sauce with bread dumplings, 鲜奶油, and cranberry sauce on the side. Satisfy your sweet tooth with some fresh gingerbread from a 当地的 bakery; the Czech version of this common treat can’t be beat. 



学习+宝博体育 in 布拉格

学习+宝博体育 in 布拉格

CEA CAPA 布拉格 Center, University of New York in 布拉格, 查尔斯大学, Anglo-American University

The 学习+宝博体育 program in 布拉格 is designed for students who are aspiring professionals that want to distinguish themselves in an evolving global job market. The program allows you to make progress toward your academic degree and remain on track for graduation, while developing the top skills employers want you to gain by the time you enter the job market. 在节目中, you will intern at a 当地的 host organization while also taking our mandatory Global 宝博体育 Course and additional courses. Our diverse range of courses will provide you with a platform to excel academically, and your personalized internship placement will help you acquire professional experience from a global perspective and learn from professionals in an international context. Program options are dependent upon location, but may include: Semester, 夏天, Part-Time and Full-Time 宝博体育, and English and host language speaking placements


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If you’re a lover of the arts or a general culture buff, the 捷克共和国 has plenty of creative delights for you to enjoy. View the genre-defining Art Nouveau paintings of Czech native Alphonse Mucha in his dedicated museum. Visit the famous bar, Café Louvre, where world-renown Czech writer Franz Kafka used to socialize. Spend a weekend evening touring 布拉格’s jazz clubs to hear live music or try the more unconventional method of riding the Jazz Boat down the Vltava. Get up close to the bizarre public sculptures of David Černý, as you roam 布拉格’s streets: Sigmund Freud hanging from a tall beam, Kafka’s stainless steel reflective head, and giant crawling babies. If you’re a bookworm, you’ll feel right at home in the 捷克共和国, where independent bookstores continue to thrive and centuries-old libraries with dazzling interior design remain in operation.  

捷克共和国 兴趣点

捷克共和国 兴趣点

  • 宠物ř山

    This park full of trees is a great place for a calm and pleasant stroll any time of the year. The park is adjacent to 布拉格’s busy historical center and just a few minutes’ walk from the CEA 布拉格 Center! On your way up the hill, taking many hidden paths, you’ll enjoy wonderful views of 布拉格’s landmarks, 在山顶, you can climb the Eiffel Tower reproduction!

    Hint: this is just one of many great 公园 within the city to enjoy. Others include Stromovka or Divoká Šárka.

  • 农贸市场

    From March through December, several independent farmers markets set up shop in town squares throughout the city on the weekends. The countryside is not far from 布拉格, so 当地的 producers are within reach. The markets are not only a great place to buy fresh produce, but also to taste unique, 当地的, organic meals and beverages and enjoy a mid-day outdoor concert. The market at Naplavka is famous for several reasons, including its calm riverside location on a large landing below street level.

  • 约翰·列侬墙

    During Communist times, this otherwise normal wall became a location for the unsanctioned expression of dissent. Standard graffiti is common in other parts of 布拉格, but the Lennon Wall has always been the place to express support for peace, 民主, 和团结. The name comes from an image of John Lennon painted by an unknown person, along with some Beatles lyrics, shortly after John Lennon was killed in 1980. The tradition has continued since then, and socially aware messages persistently replace each other on this graffiti-allowed wall

  • 文化节庆

    No matter the time of year, there are almost always festivals in 布拉格 celebrating music, 电影, 视觉艺术, 跳舞, 剧院, or any other cultural art form. Signal Fest installs original light exhibitions in public places throughout the city over a few days each October. Febio Fest is an international 电影 festival taking place in March that has been going on almost as long as the country has been free from Communism. Those are just two examples of your many festival options. In addition to festivals, almost every day of the week you can find some kind of performance (classical music, 芭蕾舞, 等.) in a beautiful historic 剧院.