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If there’s a student in your life considering studying or interning abroad with CEA CAPA, congratulations! They’re about to embark on a life-changing experience that will broaden their horizons and open many doors for their education and career. 作为父母或亲人, 我们知道您可能对流程有些疑问, 我们是来帮忙的.


我们是CEA CAPA海外教育. Pleased to meet you!

CEA CAPA has provided high quality study and intern abroad programs for 25 years. 在13个国家有数百个项目, we have an option that fits your student’s academic and personal goals. 如果是一个学术项目的概念 国外对你来说是新鲜的,我们鼓励你阅读我们的 study and internship abroad pages to learn more about why these programs are an important part of the college experience and how they positively impact a student’s academic and career trajectory.

CEA CAPA in Action



At CEA CAPA, the health, safety, and well-being of our students are our highest priorities. We believe that a successful study or intern abroad program begins before a student gets on an airplane. Our Health & 安全小组在这里提供支持 你的学生从一开始就为他们在国外的时间做准备. All CEA CAPA students have access to health and wellness resources and advising, and our Health & 安全小组可以秘密地讨论每个学生的 个人健康和保健问题. Every CEA CAPA program includes a travel health insurance plan through 国际文化保险服务公司(CISI) and with this plan, students can access a custom portal to download their insurance card, 在国外寻找医疗或心理保健提供者, 获取他们旅行的重要文件. 在紧急情况下,学生们 家属可以全天候联系CEA CAPA寻求支持. Please see our Health & Wellness page 浏览保险小册子、常见问题解答等.

Financial Options'

Financial Options

CEA CAPA strives to provide high quality programming at an accessible cost. The cost of studying or interning abroad varies according to many factors—but most students can find programs that align with costs at their home campus. All CEA CAPA项目包括学费, housing, 国际保险, onsite support, excursions, and so much more, 使我们的节目易于计划和预算. CEA CAPA offers scholarships, grants, flight vouchers, and other options 以帮助降低出勤的总成本. 你的学生也有这个选择 建立无息付款计划. Lastly, your student can check with their home institution regarding potential financial aid options.



Studying and interning abroad allows students to experience learning outside of the traditional classroom setting, 获得国际经验, 扩大他们的文化意识. 在国外学习或宝博体育的学生 体验新文化, 认识来自世界各地的人, and make lifelong friendships while expanding their personal and professional network. 问100名学生为什么宝博体育,他们每个人都会给出答案 你有不同的答案. 我们对此表示感谢! 宝博体育或宝博体育的理由是无穷无尽的.
All CEA study and intern abroad programs require that students take at least one course for academic credit. Our quality assurance protocols are designed to align all courses with U.S. 高等教育水平. Your student can speak to their study abroad or academic advisor at their home institution to understand how the credits will count toward their degree requirements. 要了解更多宝博体育的评估过程,请访问 Academics page.
While no study abroad provider can guarantee safety on an international program, we work tirelessly to create environments where students are set up for success with their well-being top of mind. 包括出发前和现场 定向,奉献健康 & 安全小组,现场和美国.S. 真正了解美国客户需求的基础支持人员.S. college students, we are prepared to support your student through a successful study or intern abroad program. For the most up-to-date information about CEA programs, please visit our Program Updates page.
The first person you should ask about almost any study or intern abroad related question is the student you’re supporting through this process! Nine times out of ten we will have already shared some very important and 通过电话、短信或电子邮件告知他们相关信息. 如果你问过他们,还有问题, 请随时拨打1-800-266-4441与我们联系.